Guidelines: Library

STM library in our society is a great resource for residents, providing access to books and other reading materials. It serves as a platform for intellectual growth and helps foster a reading culture among members of the community. A well-stocked library with a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers can help residents improve their knowledge, language and communication skills. Moreover, library can bring residents together and create a sense of community. Overall, a library in our society is an important resource that can benefit residents in numerous ways.

Here are some common library rules for a society that can help ensure the smooth functioning of the library and the enjoyment of all its members:

  • Maintain silence inside the library to avoid disturbing other readers.
  • Keep your mobile phone on silent mode or switch it off while inside the library.
  • Do not eat or drink inside the library to avoid damaging books or creating a mess.
  • Handle books and other reading materials with care, and avoid marking or writing on them.
  • Return books to the same shelf from where you have taken to avoid inconvenience to other members for finding the books.
  • Do not remove books from the library without checking them out.
  • Follow the library’s borrowing and renewal policies.
  • Respect the guard and follow his/her instructions regarding the use of library resources.
  • Do not engage in any activity inside the library that is disruptive or disturbing to other readers.

By following these guidelines, residents can help maintain a peaceful and organized library environment that benefits all members of the community.