Community Hall

A community hall is a gathering space located within our society that serves as a common area for various social events and gatherings. It is an essential facility in our society as it provides residents with a space to hold meetings, parties, celebrations, and other events that may not be possible in individual homes. The community hall also fosters a sense of community spirit and encourages social interaction among residents, which is essential for building a healthy and cohesive society. Additionally, the community hall can be rented out to generate income for the society, which can be used for maintenance and other community welfare projects. Overall, the community hall is an essential facility that promotes socialization and community building while providing a space for residents to hold events and meetings.
Currently Siddha Town Madhyamgram offers you 3 Community Halls
1> Clubhouse Banquet Hall
2> IRIS Community Hall
3> Clubhouse Multi Activity Room (MAR)

Residents can book Community hall in advance and abide by the rules and regulations.
For booking, contact Facility Office