Maintenance Charges

Maintenance charges or CAM (Common Area Maintenance) are the fees paid by residents of a society to cover the cost of common area upkeep and facility maintenance. These charges are a crucial aspect of running a society, as they ensure that the common spaces and amenities are well-maintained and continue to be in good condition for the benefit of all residents. The amount of maintenance charges is typically based on the size of the property and the amenities available in the society. Timely payment of these charges is essential to ensure that the society can function smoothly and all services can be provided without interruption. Failure to pay these charges can lead to legal action and even the disconnection of services. Therefore, residents must recognize the importance of paying their maintenance charges on time to maintain a high standard of living in their society.

Please pay your CAM in time to avoid interests on CAM bill

CAM Defaulter List:
A list of CAM defaulters list will be published soon. CAM defaulters are requested to pay ASAP.