Guidelines: Café

STM café is a popular hangout spot for our residents, offering a cozy and relaxed atmosphere to socialize and unwind. It provides a great place to catch up with neighbors or have a quick chit chat with friends and family. It is also be a place for community events and celebrations. Currently STM café does not offer food and beverages. The café is a great addition to the amenities provided by the STM society, creating a sense of community and fostering social interaction.

Here are some general guidelines for the café:

  • All members must conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner towards fellow members and staff.
  • All members must keep the café clean and tidy at all times. Members must dispose of their waste and clear their table after use.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the café premises.
  • Members must keep the noise levels low so as not to disturb other members.
  • The timings of the café is from 7 AM to 10 PM, and no members are allowed to stay beyond the closing time.
  • Any damage caused to the café property by any member will be charged to them.
  • STM Cafe has a fish tank, People using café are advised not to disturb the fishes inside the tank.
  • Members cannot reserve seats for long hours, and tables cannot be moved without staff’s permission.

These above guidelines are essential to ensure the smooth functioning and enjoyment of the café by all members.