Guidelines: Children’s Park

Enjoy quality family time at our children’s park area. Supervise your children, follow safety guidelines, and keep the area clean. Let’s create a safe, fun, and joyful environment for our little ones to play, learn, and make lasting memories together..

Here are some common children’s park rules for our society:

  • Age restrictions: Ensure that the children’s park area is exclusively for children and their caregivers. Adults should only use the area for supervising children.
  • Supervision: Children should be supervised by their parents or guardians while using the park. Encourage parents to actively monitor their children’s activities to ensure their safety and prevent any potential accidents.
  • Cleanliness: Residents should maintain cleanliness in the park area by disposing of trash properly. Encourage them to clean up after themselves and their children, promoting a clean and hygienic environment for everyone.
  • Respect for others: Encourage residents to be considerate and respectful of others using the park. Discourage behaviors that may disturb or harm others, such as excessive noise, littering, or rough play.
  • Care for park facilities: Residents should take care of the park equipment, structures, and landscaping. Report any damaged or broken equipment to the appropriate authorities or management for repairs or maintenance.
  • Proper attire: Encourage children to wear appropriate clothing and footwear while using the park area to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Prohibited activities: prohibit smoking, consumption of alcohol, or any other activities that may pose a risk to children or violate community rules.