Guidelines: Indoor Games Room

STM indoor games room is a dedicated space within our society that provides residents with a place to enjoy a variety of indoor games and activities. It is equipped with games like table tennis, carrom, chess, pool and other board games, making it an ideal place for residents to socialize and spend their leisure time. The room is typically accessible to all residents, but they are expected to follow certain rules, such as taking care of the equipment and cleaning up after use. It is a great addition to our society’s amenities and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among the residents.

  1. Use of indoor games room is only permitted for society members and their guests.
  2. The room should be used only for its intended purpose and not for any other activity.
  3. Members should maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside the indoor games room.
  4. Members should take care of the equipment and games provided in the room and report any damage or malfunction immediately to the club house security guard.
  5. The indoor games room should be used in a responsible and respectful manner without disturbing the peace and harmony of other residents.
  6. Any misuse or damage caused to the indoor games room by a member or their guest will be liable for charges and disciplinary action.
  7. Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by an adult while using the indoor games room.
  8. Members should follow the dress code while using the indoor games room.
  9. Smoking, eating, or drinking inside the indoor games room is strictly prohibited.
  10. The indoor games room will be closed during maintenance, repair or any other scheduled events.