Guidelines: Lift

The lift is a convenient amenity for vertical mobility.
Please adhere to the following guidelines for its proper usage:

  • Respect capacity limits and avoid overcrowding the lift.
  • Do not use lift for heavy materials like almirah, refrigerators etc.
  • Give priority to elderly, disabled, or pregnant individuals.
  • Do not engage in rough play, artistic skills on the lift walls or vandalize lift interiors.
  • Press the buttons for your desired floor only.
  • Avoid holding the lift doors open unnecessarily.
  • Please close the lift door properly once you came out of the lift.
  • Lift will keep making noise until you closed its door properly, so make sure lift doors are closed properly.
  • In case of an emergency, remain calm and use the emergency alarm or call button for assistance.
  • Report any malfunctioning or unusual behavior of the lift to the facility office.

By following these guidelines, we can ensure the smooth functioning and safety of the lift for all residents.