Guidelines: Gymnasium

STM gymnasium is a dedicated space within a society that provides fitness equipment and facilities for our residents. It is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage physical activity. STM gymnasium features a variety of equipment, including cardio machines, weight lifting machines, and free weights. The gymnasium is an essential part of a society’s amenities, providing a convenient and accessible way for residents to stay active and maintain their health and fitness levels.

Here are some common gymnasium rules that a society may enforce:

  • Appropriate athletic clothing and shoes must be worn while using the gymnasium.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the gymnasium to prevent spills and messes.
  • Users may be limited to a certain amount of time on equipment during busy hours to ensure all residents have access.
  • Users must use equipment safely and respectfully. Dropping weights or misusing equipment is not allowed.
  • Loud music or noise is not allowed in the gymnasium as it may disturb other residents.
  • Children below 16 years are not allowed in the gymnasium for safety reasons, unless under adult supervision in designated areas.
  • Users should keep personal belongings in designated areas and not leave them lying around in the gymnasium.
  • Residents should use the facilities for their intended purpose and not engage in any dangerous or inappropriate activities.

Enforcing these rules can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all residents using the gymnasium.